2019 Teacher Giveaway


We have a huge heart for the outdoors, but we also have a huge heart for our local community, especially it's educators! BCOutdoors gives a portion of profits from sales back to full-time teachers and educators. North Carolina teacher compensation is ranked 29th in the nation! We know our NC educators deserve better than 29th! The team at BCOutdoors is committed to the movement of bringing this issue to the forefront. A small way that we show more appreciation to our educators is through our annual giveaway!

To enter you must be a public teacher/educator in Swain County, North Carolina who makes less than the average North Carolina teacher salary for 2018-2019 ($53,975). By filling out the form below you are entering yourself in a drawing that will happen at the end of the school year. Each winner will be chosen at random during a live drawing during the end of the year Swain County Schools staff meeting. You must be employed as a teacher/educator in Swain County at the time you enter as well as at the time of the drawing. The prize/prizes will be cash, the amount will be a surprise and will be announced on drawing day! Questions/comments can be sent to info@brysoncityoutdoors.com or call us at 828.342.6444
Good Luck and Thank You for all your hard work!
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